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Prophetess Shavon Smith

Prophetess Shavon Smith, a native of Norfolk, Virginia, is a mighty woman of God who demonstrates God’s love to others throughout the country. Her love for God and her commitment to serving and helping others is evident through her lifestyle of service. Her walk is evident in her obedience and willingness to trust God in all things. Her full-time mission is to ignite a renewed passion for God in the hearts of men and women everywhere.

Prophetess Smith holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education from Norfolk State University. Professionally, she has impacted the lives of children as a teacher in the state of Virginia in the Norfolk and Newport News Public School systems. Above all her accomplishments, she considers raising Godly children her primary purpose. As a mother, she firmly believes that the best way to raise successful children is to actively model what it means to walk in love and integrity.


Sought after nationally to minister God’s Word in conferences and retreats, she has also authored eight powerful books, You Are The Prize, Empowering Moments 21 Day Devotional, Empowering Moments Volume II 30 Day Devotional, My Journey in Obedience Journal, Consecration with Shavon Smith: A 15-Day Guide of Prayer and Devotion and her Amazon number one bestsellers, What the Church Didn’t Tell Us: Wives Edition, When Obeying God Makes You Look Stupid, and You Are The Prize: Singles Edition. In addition to being an author, Prophetess Smith started her musical journey with her single “Supreme God” and produced recordings of Prayers for Intercession Volumes I and II and Life After Divorce DVD to help others deal with traumatic experiences.

Prophetess Smith walks boldly in her anointing and in her calling and is featured as a cast member on Bishop T.D. Jakes The Gospel – Season 2 – The Best Preacher You Never Heard.  Here she shares her journey as a woman in ministry and humbling herself to do the will of the Lord.

In 2012, Prophetess Smith founded Shavon Sellers Ministries, now Shavon Smith Ministries, whose vision is to spread the love of God, ignite the passion of God in others throughout the Kingdom, and assist others in carrying out their God-given assignments and fulfill purpose.  The mission of Shavon Smith Ministries is to provide services such as vision casting development, leadership development, church planting, ministry coaching, and mentorship.  As a subsidiary of Shavon Smith Ministries, Prophetess Smith has also launched the Shavon Smith Partnership Program as well as the Empowering Moments Mentorship for men and women.

In 2015, Prophetess Smith founded The Prize Foundation, an organization supporting communities in different areas and empowering women. Her desire is to teach life skills, job readiness, and ultimately spiritual awareness, and to assist in the holistic recovery of those who have been hurt and abused. 


Being led by the Holy Spirit, in May 2016 Prophetess Shavon Smith planted The Life Center in Portsmouth, VA where the vision is to be the voice and hands on the earth that will help people find their way back to God and begin a new life through Him. On November 19, 2017, Prophetess Smith was officially installed as Pastor of The Life Center in Portsmouth, VA. During her tenure as Pastor, it was her desire to revive believers, reach lost souls, and connect people with the Savior. In August 2019, God required ProphetessSmith to release her role as Pastor of The Life Center.

A business entrepreneur and trailblazer, Prophetess Smith founded the Prize Publishing House in 2019 and Prize Marketing Consultants in 2021.  Prize Publishing House is the place Where the Work of Prized Authors Manifest and it is her mission to assist in the creation, publication, and marketing of high-quality products to fulfill the vision of future authors.


Prophetess Smith is the wife of Pastor Cheyenne Smith and together they are the proud parents of three boys and five girls.


A woman of many accomplishments and esteemed value, in 2022, she fully embraced her calling as a prophet of the Lord and is dedicated to making known the Word of God and calling others back to obedience to God. Prophetess Smith is now fully committed to traveling to spread the gospel and reaching and empowering others through Shavon Smith Ministries.

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