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Shavon Smith


Shavon Smith, a native of Norfolk, Virginia, is a #1 best-selling author, certified TEDx speaker, and serialpreneur who has ignited the hearts of people across the globe through the message of purpose, faith, and love. Her love for God and her commitment to serving and helping others is evident through her lifestyle of service. After her televised appearance on "The Best Preacher You've Never Heard” series by Bishop TD Jakes, Smith became a high-rising media influencer. As a pastor and mentor, she is committed to a lifestyle of service that promotes permanent change and enhanced authenticity. Her journey as a serialpreneur and trailblazer has allowed her the liberty to launch a marketing and consulting agency, publishing house, and non-profit organization for human trafficking victims by preparing them for society. Her entrepreneurial journey has helped her to serve thousands of other business owners, authors, and ministries. This highly sought-after speaker strives to impact the world by empowering others through real-life demonstration. The ministry of Pastor Smith transcends gender, ethnicities, and generations, as her only target is to redeem the lost through the demonstrated power of God’s love and restoration. Her #1 goal is to shift generations indefinitely by leaving a legacy for her loving husband, Pastor Cheyenne Smith, and their eight beautiful children.

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