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Partnering with

Shavon Smith Wordwide:

Partners of Shavon Smith Worldwide (SSW) will enable us to share God’s love in the United States

and abroad. Through your loving support, the work of our outreach ministry brings hope to

hurting people in their time of need.

What is a Partner?


A partner is defined as a person who takes part in an undertaking with another or others,

especially in a business or company with shared risks and profits. We at Shavon Smith Worldwide

would love for you to partner with us! We are currently looking for committed individuals who share

in the mission and vision to advance the Kingdom of God by:

  • Loving people into a personal relationship with Christ

  • Building people to become their best selves

  • Demonstrating the love of Christ through acts of kindness

  • Monthly contributions to the community and initiative abroad


By no means is partnership a one-way relationship, but it is a genuine exchange, mentorship, coaching and support. Your impact will change lives all around the world!!


Our commitment to you:

  • Pray for you daily

  • provide you with tools and resources for your personal and spiritual growth.

  • Monthly Prayer Call EXCLUSIVE to Shavon Smith Worldwide Partners

  • Monthly Shavon Smith Worldwide Partner Newsletter 

  • Exclusive partner deals including discounts on courses, conferences and digital products

  • Quarterly partner gifts based on partnership tier. Gifts will vary by tier.


Your monthly partnership gift, helps Shavon Smith Worldwide to increase investing in touching hundreds and thousands of lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the live events, on demand video content and other platforms used to spread the word of the Lord such as:

  • Website:

  • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page

  • “Worldwide Impact” touring to countries around the world

Click Donate to Complete Your Partnership Subscription! 
Monthly Partnership - $100
Monthly Partnership - $1,000
Monthly Partnership - $500.00
Annual Partnership
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