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Is your marriage based on purpose? Is love truly enough? Take a journey with Shavon Smith as she digs deep into the purpose-driven marriage, and how who you marry should be based on purpose and not just love.


Marriage is NOT about love; it is all about fulfilling PURPOSE!!! Know that you can be in love with someone you are not called to be in partnership with! Make sure when choosing a spouse that you’re choosing someone that you can fulfill purpose with!


Marriage is the most significant relationship that GOD has ordained! Why not be happy in your marriage? Have you ever asked yourself, how can you be the help that’s suitable for your husband, how do you communicate effectively with your spouse, what do you do if you feel like you compete with your spouse, what can you do to regain your passion and intimacy with your husband, and how to balance it all? What the Church Didn’t Tell Us: Wives Edition will answer these important questions, provide healthy tips to thrive as a wife in a purpose-driven marriage and shed light to those topics that the church is afraid to talk about. Experience candid yet uplifting teaching for every wife and future wife.

What The Church Didn't Tell Us: Wives Edition

  • "What The Church Didn't Tell You: Wives Edition" will be released February 17, 2022. 

    All pre-orders will be shipped once book has been released! 

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