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There will be times in our lives that God will say, “When You Move, I Will Move”, and at the time of the move we will not always know the complete plan. Not only will you not know the complete plan, but it may require you to make some major sacrifices, leaving behind some people, places, opportunities or things that are very dear to you and stepping out on Faith like never before. Walking in TOTAL OBEDIENCE will not always make sense to the natural eye, but to completely fulfill the purpose that God has for your life, you will have to totally trust God and move as He requires even when you don’t know what’s next. You may have to walk away from relationships that you have had for decades. You may be at the pinnacle of your career and have to leave it all behind. You may have to make major life decisions for your family that affect everyone in your household. And after the sacrifice, the next move may look just as bizarre as the sacrifice, people will think you have lost all of your marbles! 


This is the story of Shavon Sellers’ life! As a voice to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ all across the world, as a Mother, as a Pastor, as an Entrepreneur; Shavon Sellers knows all to well that ‘When Obeying God Makes You Look Stupid’ you still must OBEY. God will never require you to leave anything and not replace it with or restore it to GREATER!

When Obeying God Makes You Look Stupid: The Story of My Fidelity of Faith

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